I noticed a lot of people have bugs on the level "Library Tactican"

I noticed a lot of people have bugs on the level “Library Tactican”. In here, we are to help people who get stuck there too (I was stuck for one and a half week:( too )

Feel free to add any details (But not answers) into this topic!

Thanks for noticing!

do u think this can be put in #site-feedback ?

It took me a while to, but I dont think I had a bug.

What’s buggy for me is that this level takes way longer to load than other levels. But I encountered no bugs in trying to pass the actual level content

Yes, I know, I am just trying to help the people who get stuck in this level. I passed it quite quickly, but I used my old code on my alt account, and I had the same armour and everything, but it didn’t work…

It’s actually pretty easy, the trick is not to mess up the variables with soldiers.

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Yes, I know, this a reminder to everyone who is playing and hasn’t played it yet.

Yes. The soldiers have a index i when carrying in the for-loop. And for archers, it’s unnecessary. Going in the same index is going to double the looping speed and therefore resulting an error.

^^ A tip for players just got into the mountains.

I makes it lag… My friend told me