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I repair the 99% of the picture and sound,but i backup them and restore ,it's lost


I from download and restore database,and the 99% of the picture and sound repair
But, I will run
mongodump -d coco -o ~ / Desktop / coco / dbbackup
a full backup, to share it with other people, after other people use my database restore, or no picture and sound
This situation is similar to the direct use of recovery, no picture and sound
So I think it is a BUG

This is my share of the database file repair
Link: http: // Password: t98l

If you have a good way,please reply here or join QQ group: 341571630
If you’re accustomed to using Ubuntu system, and has not been successfully installed, I have some experience, I experimented with
Ubuntu 12.04 Server \ Desktop
Ubuntu 14.04.3 Server \ Desktop
and successfully built learning environment is Ubuntu 14.04.3 desktop build
If you need help, please in this reply


Hmm, I can’t download the database dump to check, but how big is it? You should see the database dump size enlarge after you add the pictures and sound, but if those aren’t included in your new dump, then it’ll be the same size.

Do the other people get 404s on all those item portrait and sound assets?

By the way, what are you planning to use for?


I compressed coco.tar.gz database file is 81M
Hey, about your codecombat, I have an idea
Put it into an open gaming platform, like App Store, level producers can make toll levels, it can also make free levels, platforms and creator sales commission