Trying to install codecombat on windows but i've got error

I would like to ask if I manage to install codecombat on windows it will be a full game or it will request a payment after 100 or so levels as on the website ?

Please keep in mind I am a complete newbie so please keep it simple :smile:
I followed the installation of the codecombat tutorial from here:

at the step
npm install - is it requested to do something special on the console or is just referring to install the node software?

I dont know is it a problem or not but I have Pythone 3.6 installed instead of 2.7
will it cause troubles for starting the game

Anyway I arrived to last step to restore the mungo database
and I have an error Failed: coco.level.components: error creating indexes for coco.level.components …

I took a screenshot so I will put it bellow

Please help to install the game fully :slight_smile:

I just use a website so I don’t think you need to install it. Though if you absolutely have to. @nick.

Hey Tinche_Varga, great question! The development database we provide doesn’t include all the levels, just a small set for testing. The full set of levels is only available on, since those are the only part that’s not open source. Hope this helps!

As for the error you have, try adding --noIndexRestore to your mongorestore command.

Thanks for the answer Nick :slight_smile: