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I see a sequence of 60+ matches with the same player. How can it happen?


I see a sequence of 60+ matches with the same player, BloodJohn. That’s very weird and biases the rating greatly. How can it happen?


I’ve seen this bug sometimes; I’ll have to investigate it. Sorry about that!


I have experienced this too — I was recently matched 18 times against BloodJohn, which is why I disappeared from the top of the human ladder to below the top 20. I don’t mind particularly now that the competition is over, but it is quite odd!

I also have a run of 5 matches vs JerryP on the Ogre ladder, but fortunately I have wins here so they didn’t bomb my ranking. Not so fortunate for JerryP though!

Edit: quite a lot of double games against various opponents too.


I lost those 5, so it did bomb mine! :frowning:


So it leave place for the 1st rank :slight_smile:



I experienced the same.


I also saw the same issue with matches against BloodJohn just to add to the “coincidence” list :smiley: