Brawlwood ranking bugs

I emailed the team, but I thought I’d post it here in case anyone else ran into the problem.
I created a solution for Brawlwood that seems to beat everyone that I’ve encountered, I’m using python, and I usually finish within 47 seconds or so with 1400+ gold collected. In any case, I am not cheating, yet there are some people that I play against that it says I lost, and when I click on the link to review the loss, it’s actually a win.

What’s up with the ranking? Is it some dishonest person messing with the simulations?

I guess I’ll add to this… I already had a solution, which was okay but not great. I decided the best way was to take one of the top ten on the humans (i’m playing as ogre) and click ‘fight’ then come up with a solution to beat them. well, it did work, I beat him handily, and added to my repertoire of tricks. Maybe that was the cause of the weird ranking issue… I don’t know. I’m willing to bet though that it’s some joker out there messing with the simulations.

More likely it’s some new bug (again) with discrepancies in our Simulator. How many of your simulated matches disagree? What’s your CodeCombat username?

It seemed that all the losses disagreed. I’ve since reset my code, haven’t bothered to write it again. I wasn’t sure that I could trust the ranking on that one, so why bother?

In any case, my name in game is Napillo.

I did want to add that before editing my code, I did simulate a hundred or so games.

This bug seems to be affecting me. Check NoJuice4U - Humans
Many of my losses show up as victories when I try to review, and there is no discrepancy between the code I submitted for ranking versus what’s used in the review, as I haven’t modified anything since I submitted for ranking. I suspect that a number of my wins may also be losses possibly due to a random seed not being consistent?

I’ve just adjusted the random seed calculation to make sure it was the way it was when the level was first created. I doubt that’s actually the problem, but perhaps it will help. Are the losses that show up as victories close matches?

I still get this regularly on cavern survival… losses that when clicked on show i won… just fyi

I resubmitted for ranking and checked 3 of my losses. It’s definitely more consistent now, as all 3 losses will replay as a loss.