I think If Every Leval has an exit and save it will be friendly

If I can not see save I will afraid of Current level can not be save and I have to play from begin.

The code is automatically saved at all times. I wonder if there is a way to make it less scary to leave the page? What did you have in mind in terms of user interface?

I would do it the same way as you would do in the account settings. That works fine. Maybe also have a state that shows that you have unchanged changes (this is only when the user is typing, and after he’s done with adding/removing/editing his (new) code it can auto save again and show that.

That’s the idea I would do. On top of this, you can also add something extra and will show even more feedback. + It can even be combined with things already in the code editor and things you wanted to implement. See the following screenshot:

  • The most important thing to notice is that there is a yellow bar on the left, right of the line numbers. This shows that these lines are new or edited and are currently unsaved.
  • As soon as you save it will color all the currently colored yellow rectangles green as they are saved from that point on.
    • the reason it does this is because it is a plugin for my C++ IDE, so it still need to be compiled. I think in our case we can just remove the yellow bars when it is saved as otherwise you will have these green colored save bars for no reason at all.
    • Or what you can also do is just always have the green bar there for all your code, and make it for edited / new lines yellow. That way you can do it as well. It’s up to you suppose.
  • The cool thing about this idea is that you can also color a bar of a line red if there is an error on that line. This way you have a really simple and elegant way of showing feedback.

Off Topic:
Another thing I admire a lot with this plugin is that it highlights the line i’m currently typing on. This is something code combat editor could use as well IMO.

That would be cool, but given that saved status is going to be changing every few seconds, I think the bars might flicker and be overkill for this. It seems like something like the account settings / Google Docs style of indicating saved changes is going to be much easier to implement. I’ve added an issue.

The ACE editor already comes with a way to indicate per-line errors and currently typing line highlights:

Line 7 is the style for indicating current line, and line 8 shows the error indication. (Currently because of bugs in Aether, it can only do this for a very small class of errors, but once we fix that it should know line numbers for almost all problems.)