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I think the eldritch icicle is going to come out soon

Screen Shot 2020-11-07 at 1.33.36 PM

@Chaboi_3000 when will codecombat release the challenge? Will you guys make an announcement about that?

We’ll first have to create the level to unlock the item, which takes around a week of refining. Our tauran set has a level and is ready to release, however, Nick has to be available to do that.


ok, thank you very much! :smile:

Very sorry to revive but what exactly is the eldritch icicle?

here is the link to the thang, I hope this helps CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript

here is picture of it :mage:

Probably not going to be released any time this year.

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Aw man it was going to be a cool wand. Get my joke.

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