Is there a new item in codecombat?

So I was scrolling down and I found something
new in the items.

Like, maybe these?

I think it is named the potion belt

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I think I might know what the charge belt is

Yeah, Chaboi announced them in the post I linked

I just bought the potion belt in my account


@phoenixRider2022, you’re starting to make a little too much off-topic threads that don’t have much of a point to them. So maybe post on an existing topic in the future. For instance, instead of an entire topic about your teacher blocking CodeCombat (though I am sorry about that), you can post it on another topic where someone else’s teacher blocked them. This way you’re not making like 5 off-topic threads every single week and cluttering up the forums.

Or if you have a small question to ask, such as how to close topics, you can pm someone. To pm someone, click on they’re pfp and there will be a big blue button.
Click on that to pm someone.

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Oh got it thank you​:zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

I also don’t really want to revive dead topics.

As long as it’s on topic it’s fine

Unless it’s just a comment

You wouldn’t want to revive a dead topic if the topic is called “Summits Gate, Help!”, and 10 months later you say, Hello!! That would be bad. But if you need help on the same level 10 months later, that’s fine, since that’s what the topic was meant for.

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Oh I get it. So as long as you stay on topic you can revive a dead topic​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Yup! You’ve got it! (20 chars)

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