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[Idea] More New World Ideas


Using Inspect Element feature (F12), I created an idea of how the volcano would work. Helvetti means Inferno in Finnish by the way ;). If you dig deeper into the game’s HTML, you see that it references the ??? world as “volcano”. (Its CSS class is currently "campaign volcano silhouette, just remove the silhouette part to get this nice tint.) @nick @Bryukh @Serg

Edit: Although the page is still under construction, I confirmed the world URL will be infact:

(I’m looking forward to new heroes (Illia, Ritic and Usara), new items (maybe something like Boss Star VI) and the new levels! If this post gets somewhere, I’ll follow up with more ideas.)


That looks mega cool! Nice Idea!! :smile:


nice! You should tell @nick about this