[Idea] Usara, the Master Wizard - Biography

(Credit: @Deadpool198)

Chapter 1: Domini Omnipotentis

In a universe, almost parallel to ours, there lived a colony of wizards in Earth-0001. Now these wizards were not like your ordinary pointed-hat, bubbling cauldron and patched-and-frayed robe type of wizard. Oh no no no. These were wizards beyond the very limits of imagination. They walked and talked just like you and me. They even looked similar; no unusual warts and boils run the length and breadth of their faces. Domini Omnipotentis was the name of the solar system they lived in, home to wizards of various powers - from telekinesis, to shape-shifting, to even the ability to control the other universes. But the latter is exactly what caused the unlucky but fortunate appearance Ursara, whose prophecy decides the future of the CodeCombat multiverse.

Peace and prosperity ruled under the rule of the great Arysara, the greatest and most powerful of the wizards, in fact he earned the title Almighty ruler. But, dear reader, all the happy moments must be cherished to the full; they never always last forever.

A mysterious power lay hidden in the dark depths of the Dust realms. It terrorises people through its power to seep into people’s minds, turning even the cleverest and powerfullest of minds to evil, bloodthirsty ogres… And now this power had been unleashed to take the control of a master wizard, the master wizard, Arysara.

Domini Omnipotentis became runover with vile, grotesque ogres. It soon became a saying ‘don’t let the munchkins bite’. Underground refuges were hastily set up for fleeing citizens - of course they tried to fight back for their colony but the ogres had captured Arysara and were leeching his powers to support their ever-growing troops. But they discovered something that changed the course of events for the whole of time - how to get into parallel universes. However, they did not realise the consequences of such a feat. And that’s how ogres came to be in our CodeCombat universe - Earth-0002

“Ursara, wake up you need to leave!” urged a voice in the gloom. Ursara woke up groggily, the tiredness still fighting its way in.
“Mom, what’s going on? Why do we have to wake up so early?” she yawned. KABOOOOM. There was her question answered.
“Alright, Sara we’re going to send you to another universe, ok? I have a contact in Backwoods Forest - you find him and you’re safe. He’s called Nalfar Cryptor,” she said and through all of this, Ursara listened, too shocked to speak, “I love you honey and you will always be my baby girl. We will meet one day.” She shoved a bag into her hands and pushed her into a waiting portal. Ursara screamed.
“We will meet again honey, all of us,” shouted her mother’s voice. KABOOOOOOOOM.

“And you have come at last, the Almighty One.” squeaked a high-pitched voice as she stirred.
“She isn’t really the One, is she? The Master Wizard?” boomed another.
“Well she is and we have to tell her that don’t we?”


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not bad but except what point of view is this story told from the narrator or Usara

really nice! but munchkins dont bite and could arysara be thoktar?


were do the munchkins bite @FalconX11_312 and @cheddarcheese

So while I was studying someone made a topic about the biography…
Next time I won’t share that I want to make a topic about something that I want to.
Here is @Lydia_Song and my biography:
Usara was born in slavery to the ogres. In those days, ogres were sometimes raided nearby the human village, so parents Usara enslaved in dungeons Kithgard. Usara was born weak, and her parents feared she would not survive in the harsh conditions of the dungeon. Ogres occasionally went to the forest, to the market (and sometimes to the nearest settlements of people with weapons in their hands) for food, since there was nothing in the dungeon except stones, gems and ore. On one such day, when the ogres were once again going to the market, Usara’s parents hid their eight-year-old daughter between two chests of gems, and ordered her to sneak out of the market and go to the people. And she did as parents told. She hid in the bushes, and when the ogres left with their purchases, went to the nearest hut and knocked on the door. The peasants took pity on the poor girl, and sheltered her. Seven years passed in this way. Usara health improved, and she actively helped the kind family that took her in. But sometimes strange things happened to her: sometimes the field plowed itself, then the clouds that appeared mysteriously disappeared just as mysteriously. People marveled at her, but there was nothing they could do about it. One day, she suggested to go to the Cloudrip Mountain, to discover the magic, for there lived the most powerful sorcerer of that time. She agreed…

Because the path up the Cloudrip Mountain was very long and difficult, along with it went the great traveler and brave warrior Sir Tharin Thunderfist. In those days he was young and vigorous, and therefore at once agreed to accompany Usara to mountain. They walked to the end of the forest, chatting merrily, listening to birds singing. Forest animals ran to them: cubs, foxes and other animals. Usara with Tharin fed animals, and they have fun jumping the track. So joyfully they reached the desert, where the difficulties began. The desert was very hot, the birds no longer chirped, and only the lowing of yaks occasionally broke the silence. Usara heavily tanned, which was not observed for Tharin, who joked that potion is from the sun. Their feet were stuck in the sand and it was hard to walk, but they were still moving forward. Finally, they reached the mountain, and realized that the desert was not the most difficult obstacle on their way. It was very difficult to climb and descend the steep slope. And the baby-yeti is attached to them. It seemed impossible to cross the rocks, but at last they saw the abode of the great wizard not far away. Here Usara had to break up with Tharin, whom she heavily became friends during the journey.

Usara was well received at school. She immediately became friends with Pender, and they often talked about different magic techniques. Usara studied well, almost the best in the class. In addition to her, Nalfar, the aforementioned Pender, and Omarn were trained in the Magic School. Nalfar was involved in black magic what Usara loved, too. He wrote manuals on the resurrection of the dead and treatises on the movement of souls. Also, Nalfar thought that skeletons are cute, often brought to class different bones and sometimes entire skeletons of animals. And then he revived them significantly. But they won’t last long after that. The rest of the students were afraid of skeletons and thought that they could only be nice when you can command them. One day Usara plucked up the courage to ask Nalfar: “Why do you think skeletons are so cute? » He said: “Just look at their wide eye sockets!” Omarn also mixed different substances in search of instantly killing poisons, which he did not always succeed. And Pender practiced controlling the weather and force fields. The lone Wizard turned out to be an ordinary decrepit old man. But he knew a great deal. He taught them the spells “Sacrifice”,” Soul-link"," Devour"," Mana-blast"," Heal " and many others. These were the only spells that Usara had problems with. She trained day and night, but she couldn’t figure it out.
Of course, she wasn’t the only one with problems. Nalfar mastered the first 3, but couldn’t figure out the rest. Pender was only good at “Mana-blast”. Usara started to abandon it, and to learn other spells. Until Nalfar decided to offer his help.

So, while Usara practiced, Nalfar gave her advice on how to improve her spells. Until the day when she could easily use Sacrifice. So Usara worked harder and harder until she had mastered all the spells, though not perfectly.
2 years after the beginning of training, the Great Wizard died. His place was taken Nalfar (he failed to raise teacher), although Usara was also very capable.

Meanwhile, in the Dungeons of the Supreme Kithgard ogres Ogre Thoktar ascended to the Dark throne. He didn’t want to put up with ogres living underground and humans living on the surface. He began to raise an army the equal of which he had never seen before. Weapons were forged underground, and the ogres needed more and more metal. And one day they got to the Lava State. Thoktar heard the screeching of his frightened servants and hurried down, for he was afraid of nothing and no one, having great power. When he saw the lava and the lava creatures bathing in it, he burst out laughing, so that the walls of the caves shook, and some even collapsed. He immediately understood what lava could do if he enlisted Its support. So, with a small retinue of Chieftains, he hurried down to the abode of the mighty Lava Lord. The lava Lord received Thoktar in a friendly manner. You bet! They were both going to get even with these pathetic people basking in the sun in the woods and mountains. Thoktar said that he has a huge army, but it is not strong enough to subdue people. He invited the Lava Lord to become allies, and cross the Lava Warriors with ogres, because together, they are able to conquer any nation. I thought to myself: “If I have any Lava Ogres, I will destroy the humans with the support of the lava Lord, and then destroy Him.”
And in one day Thoktar and Lava Lord staged an eruption of the volcano: They blew up Cloudrip Mountain and through the resulting Lava crater, Warriors and endless hordes of ogres poured out onto the mountain slopes and like streams of magma flowed down to where people lived, and no one could resist them properly.
At the time of the eruption, all the students of the school and Nalfar were in the classroom. Suddenly, they heard a rumble, and then a wild roar, and the school was exploded.

Usara woke up on the sand. She struggled to her feet and looked around. Her head ached and her legs ached, but she remembered the Heal spell and immediately felt better. There was nobody around. Usara stood on top of one of the many dunes of the Sarven Desert. Usara soared over the desert and saw in the distance the flames of fires and the desperate cries of people calling for help. She ran in that direction and saw a terrible picture. Using all her skills, she saved the village, but she knew that this was not all… So, all the time protecting people and killing ogres, she got to the Backwood Forest, where she sent a signal to all the heroes of CodeCombat to unite. As a result, she created a Great Alliance of Heroes, which includes all characters, ranging from Captain Anya Weston to a Young Illia Shieldsmith.

The heroes still struggle with ogres, who fight desperately, although they understand that they are doomed. And Usara enjoys great honor and respect. After all, thanks to her, the threat in the form of ogres is no longer so serious. And the day is not far off when people will be able to live in peace.

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have you forgot @PeterPalov and @FalconX11_312 she used the dark arts of magic and that is very dark more dark than Unholy Tome V


Yes, but we don’t know any more "dark"er spells than what is in Unholy Tome V.


powerswap is one skill that chaboi made

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@PeterPalov, no-one has dominion over writing fan fiction about Usara.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t think that you saying that was what made Falcon want to write this story. Don’t you think that writing about Usara would be quite a top choice for fan fiction?
This happened last time people wrote theories and stories. There is no right/official story about Usara, write what you want and don’t argue with other people about it. After all, Usara doesn’t actually exist so you can make up whatever you want about her, it’s just not official.

How do you know that? :grin:

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well duh they have swords

They also have mouths… That’s really not a good reason. Human soldiers would have used swords, but they can also bite stuff. I think it would be quite cool if they did that. And they might also give you diseases :grimacing:.


whadyer mean that human soldiers also bit?

maybe the munchkins give you poison for 3 seconds

Well, maybe Celts did. Anyway, I’m not saying they did, but I’m saying they could. And because munchkins are evil and crazy, they might chose to do that as a last resort.

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yea like their last attack trying to inflict as much damage as they can right before they die

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Alright then, let’s clear some misconceptions about ‘don’t let the munchkins bite’. Here I used, a. Figure. Of. Speech. It doesn’t literally mean munchkins bite, although like @Deadpool198 said, they could use them as a last resort in terms of the munchkins. In this period of time, mothers and fathers in the refuges set up in Domini Omnipotentis would tell their children to be, generally, beware of the ogres as they could harm you. I nicked this idea (like all excellent writers do) from His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman. In the ‘Northern Lights’ (or ‘Golden Compass’ as it was published in some countries) as the Gobblers became prominent within the gyptian community, parents would warn their children not to stroll too far away or suffer capture by the Gobblers.

I hope that clears up some confusion,

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@PeterPalov I swear I didn’t have a clue that you were going to make biography, Maybe it might’ve crossed my mind that might want to after the Illia one (which was really good!) but I wanted to have a go too as I have not been on the forum long enough to contribute any good ideas so I decided to take this chance as an opportunity to show what I have got as well. I apologise if I have caused any anger.


@Deadpool198 is correct. There isn’t really an “official” biography, so it’s not really applicable to claim authenticity of any of the fan-written biographies. The only real “official” biography is Usara’s Hero Description. It’s great to see all of those great stories you’ve made, however, please refrain from claiming a fan-written biography as “official”.

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Is the Illia Sheildsmith biography official

The one made by PeterPalov is just a fan-written biography.