[Idea] Volcano World Name


AOE (full form in above comment by @Yariel_Mercado_Then ) weapon ability is something like the ‘cleave’ attack in this game. Or a grenade/bomb in real life. It is not intended to a precision damage/effect (in case of spells, auras, etc) but limited to an ‘area’. A comprehensive definition can be found in this World of Warcraft game wiki page: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Area_of_Effect


Ohhhhhh… I see… I would like to ask the leaders of code a question. What r u looking 4 when u ask 4 a name 2 a volcanoe world???


Well, there is a currently unnamed world which is about a volcano. Nick and Co could come up with something, but that needs time and creative energy which can be spent elsewhere (for example finishing the Glacier). A HipChat-User then brought up the idea to open a thread here on the discourse-forum about it.
One thing came to another and we now have 47 names (and an explanation about AoE) which are more or less volcano-related. At least 46 of these can obviously not be used as world-name, but still may make great level-names. So even though there are currently way to many names for a single world, there are never enough names for levels.

EDIT: Looking back that user were you.


I know it was me. Is that bad?

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Btw, which names are ideal 4 this world??? (In your and Nick’s opinion of course.). Oh, and I’m sorry 4 giving u so many names. I didn’t know… :frowning:


It should be volcano-related, after all there is already a mountain area. But I don’t have the last word in that matter, that would be mainly Nick and Cat.

I didn’t say you gave to many names. The more names there are the higher the chance the perfect name is among them. You can also edit previous posts to add new names, this might reduce the amount of posts and make it easier to see which names are already given. It would be nice if you could for example collect all your proposed names in the first post.


Yeah!!! I’ll see if I can do that.


I think after the volcano there should be a storm world. But for names now:
Obsidi-glow Volcano
Emberdash Dome
Inferno Caverns
Jam Cake (Just kidding)
Inferno Dome
Firestorm Volcano

P.S Sorry about Necro posting, just really wanted to share ideas.

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Hmmm… a storm world would not really make a lot of sense. Maybe an alien spaceship to destroy?


And it’s manned by Thoktar. Of course.


Good to have someone agree with me!


Although I feel that Kelvintaph Glacier is still an unfinished area,

What about Magmarock Spire ?

For a world name.


I agree @Harry_the_Wanderer and also to you @nopressure1q2w and @ARasberrypy-thon


can someone just tell me please


how about thoktar’s castle


I think that the name should be Scorchfire Castle.


what about Scorchfire Inferno?


how about EmberFury Eruption or Ember Fury


It needs the volcano at the end of the name.


btw did anyone notice that volcano is spelled wrong in the topic name


I did, it just felt wrong to point it out.