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Ideas for New Weapons

Maybe we could call them the sparkmage’s gauntlets. I’ll work on it :wink:.


Emperor* (2000 yet ihz hiding codazihg doodles)

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Me and @Chaboi_3000 miscalculated some stuff :rofl:. There needs to be something holding the lava rocks up in the lava sword, and let’s say it’s iron. According to science the melting point of iron is 1,538 celcius, so my sword will melt anyway. Let’s say the lava stays in place because of laminar flow, and that the thing holding the sword up is tungsten, as it’s melting point is 3,422 celcius. Newly spewed lava’s maximum heat is about 2,400 degrees celcius. even so, the lava will dry up (or another term I forgot) and turn to lava rock, as lava is just melted rock. And it’ll be a normal stone sword, until the stone breaks, then it’ll be a tungsten sword.

And @Chaboi_3000’s mistake was that the sword will just shatter.


Hmm? Where did I mention that?

i think you guys know this but i recently found this image of the crypt key inside level editor if you want i can share these unreleased item images to you: image

and these:

pls drop a like if you liked these images


they lowered the price by more than 10x!

I looked through the thang editor and found a whole bunch of gloves.

Do you think you should add something like Anaklusmos?( also known as ‘Riptide’ )
I like Riptide because its in my favorite series of all time Percy Jackson.


the crusher:
type sword:
abils: powerBlast this attack does 3X dmg cooldown 15 seconds
reflect: reflects one enemy or projectile
attack: dmg 20 dps 120


How it costs? (20 chars)

i dunno maybe 3000 gems

Low price for a good weapon @cheddarcheese

fine 4500 or somethin

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No I like the low price @cheddarcheese less lessons