Beta Test "Fierce Forces" Arena

Hello Everyone! The Regular season arena for season 10 of AILeague, “Fiece Forces”, is now open for beta testing!

Like previous similar beta tests goes, everything ( features, API, balance) might be changed, bugs might be here and there, ladder might be reset (save your code locally if you want to), and code might not work suddenly.

Fierce Forces Beta Test
Feel free to post suggestions here, and the bugs you found along the way
Thank you for playtesting!


When trying to load any battle, I receive an “error loading from server” message. I’ve tried refreshing the page. Simple CPU and battling players both show this error.

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it might take some time until all of the data is published on the server, meanwhile you can try the direct version of codecombat and see if it still occurs

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This thing is fun!!!

Cool, it’s a soccer arena! :tada: Perhaps inspired by Peter?


Yay, my topic might have been usefull!!!


Wisely is misspelled in the tutorial.

Okay, the abilities are not working for me at all.


Okay, after a while of playing here are my thoughts:
1: If The Orbs are going to have so little health they need at least 8 more speed points and maybe add friendly fire AOE suicide explosion when health is less the 2.
2: Snails need 1-3 more speed points.
3: Phoenix is the worst unit of all in my opinion needs more health and more speed.
4: Elementals could be buffed a little.
5: Need abilities!!!
Maybe add another unit called fire yeti:( basically take a armored yeti and give it’s armor a flame pattern.
Mass: 150
Speed: 7.5
Health: 35
Cost: 2.5
Possibly add another unit called elemental-child:( basically take a elemental and shrink it). And give it Suicidal AOE!!!
Mass: 50
Speed: 20
Health: 5
Cost: .5
8: overall great arena, but needs some fine tuning!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

this is so fun i might get distracted from the real season :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


Also, make elementals faster their speed is terrible in contrast with low health.

Very interesting arena; I feel it will be more ability-focused because there’s only so much you can do with units and varying health, mass, and speed.


Yeah, probably, and you excited to win the tournement??!! I mean as of now there is practically no way you’ll lose :grinning: :smiley: :smile:

No, Shininglice hasn’t submitted anything as of yet. I do hope to get second place though and maybe give him a loss.
Also how is there another tag on this topic?

Wait, not at all Shininglice ???

What do you mean??? Another tag??

Like it says “playtesting”
Screenshot from 2023-12-18 10-03-49

Oh, thats easy.

But there isn’t a playtesting tag; which is what I thought was weird.
And also you can only normally have one tag.
Edit: I just noticed the other option you can sort by the other tags; looks like only mods can add them.

Anyways back on topic (kinda) it’s kinda hilarious the best unit composition is just a snail with rocket engines following it.


not tryna be rude but beat you all with like 20 lines of code

and something i noticed @ChickenMaster was closer to beating me than @blasterdrag and hes way lower in rank XD, ALSO WATCH OUT @JustALuke IM COMING FOR FIRST!