Illia Unlock Level(s)?

Hello everyone,

I was fooling around in the level editor today, and I came up with a pretty interesting level:

Basically, you use Illia’s Shield Bubble (AOE shield) to keep soldiers in place and shield them, while heroes (haven’t figured out how to get them to attack ogres yet, please let me know if you know how to do it), attack a clone of Thoktar.

Here is my (bad) design of how the level should look like. @nick - if you could just give me your 2 cents about this level, that would be great!


Cool concept. I think you would probably want to somehow trap the hero with the army under some cliffs or something, with Thoktar raining fire from above for a set period of time, so that it’s really important to defend the troops and keep them alive instead of having to try to carefully balance it so that the hero needs to protect instead of just charging Thoktar directly.

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Thanks for replying and offering your suggestions, Nick!

Changing level very soon :slight_smile:

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Coming very soon on Metal Crusher (the Illia unlock level):

Your squadron is trapped under a bunch of trees and rocks, and Thoktar isn’t planing on letting you go anytime soon. Use Illia’s AOE shield (Shield Bubble), to defend your soldiers and archers until Thoktar finally gives up (50-60 seconds, can be nerfed depending on public playtest).

To make it more challenging, all soldiers have 10 health (?) @nick, your opinion on this please?

Have fun, and rule #1 of CodeCombat: try not to die :smile:

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Can you publish it so I can also test it out?

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Coming soon… best case scenario maybe 8 PM EST??

(i feel like a game dev lol)

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Hey, @Endercore79_is_back. When is the latest the level will be released? The link still doesn’t do anything.

Hi @kaiduck,

The level is taking me a bit longer than expected. Please wait a few days!

From Ender

Ok, just one tip-don’t add too many enemies or the code will take forever to load, and errors will occur

Just make them strong, so they will be hard to kill. :slight_smile: