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Infinite Inferno arena issues

Updated docs for Vector

Fixed and there were more problems with upgrades – were fixed too.

Added. Not sure why we haven’t added it from the start. Thanks!

Just a heads up that we are still adjusting balance and will be doing a bunch more buffs/nerfs soon. In addition to knight nerfs, we’ll be nerfing throwers, which should also help improve performance a bit with fewer spears flying around.



I have tested for most of the issues and they are indeed fixed.
Thanks, Bryukh! Thanks, Nick!

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why is there two of me? Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 8.40.13 PM


I think I’ve seen a duplicate of myself sometime, but it disappears and seems a transient issue. This one is sticking around.
Did you submit new code at the time it mentions?
Otherwise could it be someone copying your name?

Yes, I did submit a new code

You can’t copy someones name exactly.

Hmm then considering that I’ve also encountered something similar before, it sounds like some issue with their ladder position sorting algorithm, and maybe the issue auto-fixed itself for me but didn’t for you because your previous score was at #1.

This bug can be in any arena. It doesn’t do anything, it’s just annoying. Try refreshing the page, or clicking “more” in the leaderboard. (I see that you are in top 20, so scroll down and you’ll see it)


Yeah you can’t, because it will say “Try adding 123 to your name, it’s already used” or something like that.

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Idk. I have not payed Infinite Inferno yet, but be patient, I think @nick and his team will be fixing things very soon :+1:

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I keep getting my both my real name and my username on the leaderboard.

This chooses my champions. It was working for a long time, but just now, after my knight died, I ended up with three sorcerers. something’s wrong.

def chooseChampion(lane):
    champs = ['sorcerer','knight','sorcerer']
    return champs[hero.championsSpawned % 3]

That can happen if you spawn sorcerer, knight, sorcerer, and the first to die is the knight. The next champion to spawn will be a sorcerer, because it will start at the beginning of the list again.

If you want to always have a knight in the middle, say, you could try something like:

return ['sorcerer', 'knight', 'sorcerer'][lane]

Would like to report a couple more:

[Python] champion.findNearestFriend(kind) only seems to work correctly for “base”. Looking for any other kind of friend seems to always point back to the champion itself. champion.findNearestFriends(kind) also seems to be somewhat similarly misbehaving. hero.findNearestFriend(kind) works though.

[Python/generic?] After spectating a match including myself, the working code in the editor is lost, and is replaced by the version of code that was previously submitted.

[Python/generic?] tower.type of Archer Tower is “archer-tower”, but tower.type of Mage Tower is just “tower”.

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Infinite Inferno has now broken for me. When I try to play/spectate against any other player, or spectate two other players, this happens:

It can’t be my code because this also happens when spectating two other players, and it worked well yesterday.
This does not happen with any other level, including blazing battle. It’s restricted to this level. I’ve also recreated this with my old account (tharin33), and it doesn’t work then either.
Is anyone else experiencing this?
I’ll try and switch browser and device to see if it makes any difference.

Something else happened… how do I even battle myself and win???

Also happened in Blazing battle…Dark dark stuff, auto win when its a tie