Is chieftain supposed to just stand their after killing?

Because it killed on of my soldiers and just stood their waving it’s swords

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Man, you make a lot of topics! Your rate is about two or three a day I think.


Yea I do agree this happened with someone else (I don’t remember who) And I believe they got suspended for spam.

Here I see two “Regulars” attacking for spamming one of the few real creators in this forum. How did they earned this “prestigious” title and how they defend it? By creating hundreds off-topic posts and multitude of off-topic chat rooms, But this is only CoCo discourse, it has no relation with codecombat, yes?

That’s why all new regulars are in my ignore list…
You are telling that after killing some soldiers the chieftain doesn’t attack and a simple archer can defeat her for afar?


So true, @xython so true. (Although I’m not one for making topics, I’ve only made a few.

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Yes. After killing a few units, she just stands there waving her swords. If an archer has has enough time, even if it has 1 health, it can defeat her.

I think @Bryukh ( sorry for summoning you) can give the best answer for all questions related to units and level creation.


It has a special AI designed for Chieftains only. That might be the issue behind it. It’s in the AI.Chieftain() component iirc.

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I’m confused. What’s the question about chieftains? Need more context (code, examples, screens?)


I think he’s trying to say that the enemy chieftain, after killing one of his soldiers bugged and stopped attacking.


Yeah. She just stood their and waved her swords, and none of my freinds was nearby. One of my archers just walked up and shot her to death.

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What’s the level? Could you give more information how to reproduce the bug?