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Is code combat applicable for a 9 year old?


My son who is 9 years old has completed the free level and wants me to pay for the subscription.

Will it be too hard to for a 9 year old? He has some amount of coding.

Does it make sense in getting a subscription for him?

FYI I write code as a full time job so I could help him a bit if he is stuck.

Thank you!


up to the dungeon its very easy but then once you get to the forest it got really challenging to finish it for me
it says in its recommended for middle school students but I think maybe he could do it :slightly_smiling:


wait what he finished the free all the free levels!! WOW! and he is only nine! :smile:


He finished the first level. Are the other level’s available without the subscription?

Thank you!


ya except for the blue star levels
those are the only one that you have to subscribe for


There are over 100 free levels unless you are in Brazil or China (unless they changed the policy)

If he is able to pass the first world it will be fine, although he may struggle with some of the later levels with vectors and such. Anyway, they bill monthly so if it becomes too hard you can just stop.


I have seen people such as my cousin (7) and he is on the mountain. So sure!!


by himself? ok thats cool


Yup all by himself and he is actually on the level before me and I am 10. Oh can anyone help me please. Vital Powers Help plz


Oh, you should let him keep coding. This is a very good material for learning, especially to me. Once he is almost done, you could subscribe, but I don’t use money by signing up as a Adventurer to get levels that you have to subscribe to. And I’m just a 10 year old, and I’m on the desert.


I have a friend who’s almost nine. I’m 10 and it isn’t that hard


yes i am eleven And i got to Sarven Desert in two weeks