Is Code Combat dying?

I spend maybe less than 6 hours Simulating games. I have 10588 simulated games in ONE EVENING and I’m already in first thousand of ranked peoples. So… one evening. Less than 1000 peoples give a evening for simulations? Is codeCombat still alive?

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It’s very apparent that not many people run simulations. The top 20 has only had 3 new additions in the past 3 months - and I’m one of them. The person currently at number 20 only has 1,671,734 simulations and that isn’t very many. I don’t understand why more people don’t do this. I know that up until a couple of months ago simulations were a major pain in the butt, requiring constant attention and browser refreshes. But now they run smooth and continuously for many hours at a time.

I have a laptop with an i7 processor that does nothing but run simulations all day, every day. I even turned off the anti-virus software because I don’t use the machine for anything else so it isn’t needed and all system resources are dedicated to running multiple simulation tabs. It’s just mining gems 24/7 and I don’t even look at it but once or twice a day to make sure they’re still running. Anyone who wants/needs gems should be doing this and I don’t understand why more people don’t.

I really hope that you’re wrong about it dying because this site is incredible. I’ve learned a ton about programming here and now my daughter is going through it as well. We both have subscriptions because there’s so much more available with a sub and I don’t mind paying since we’re getting so much in return for our money. I also like the fact that we’re doing our part to help support the site and it’s staff. I can’t even imagine how much time they must put in to create such awesomeness and our few dollars a month is at least a small way to express our appreciation.

actually I play on free account, and pay money for education on Udemy.
There I pay once, and have lifetime access to the information and exercises. CodeCombat more is a relaxing game with fun challenge. Maybe I’ll find exploits to play locked levels. =)

$9.99/month = over 100 per year. For me it’s lot’s of many actually. in Ukraine I work for 90 usd per month. Can’t afford it just yet.
Maybe I’ll buy permanent access to CC if owners decide to open such a option

Hm. You should get 3.99 per month if you live in Ukraine.

CodeCombat is not dying, pet is here!

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We actually have more users than ever – we are just de-emphasizing ladder simulations in favor of other parts of the game. You can see how the simulation leaderboard might not be the best measure of player growth. :wink:


Don’t think it is dying. Many users just do not use forums anymore. Social platforms such as reddit streamlined communications. Also, measuring activity by simulation narrows your search to those who play multiplayer ONLY. Many such as myself are here strictly more for the training.

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