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Is the dunes a required level or can you skip to the mighty sand yak?


Read the title and youll figure out my [question].


The Mighty Sand Yak is the first level in the official campaign progression. You’ll be able to go straight to it.


Subscription levels are never requirements to do regular levels.

(Having said that, some smart aleck is bound to point out that there are a couple of subscription levels that unlock regular levels . . . to which I would remind them I said -requirement-, you can always get to regular levels via regular levels and so far the subscription route is equal in length or longer than the regular route…)


Wait, there are some subscription levels that unlock regular ones?


Yes. For example in the forest, if you do “Munchkin Harvest” (get a new hero), “Swift Dagger”, and “Shrapnel” you can now do “Coinucopia” without doing “Peasant Protection” and “Munchkin Swarm”. (Your choice do three levels or do two. Of course, if you don’t go back and do those two you miss out on another two, but hey who needs gems when you get some every month you’re a subscriber…) :smile:

(Not currently a subscriber, can’t afford it every month, but CodeCombat is way cool so I supported them for a month and will send them some more again in the future.)