Web Development Campaign 2 and Gamenweald

Right now I only saw 12/22 levels on Web Development Campaign 2. Are the other 10 part of the paid content? There were no blue dots on the page to let me know if there were paid content spots.

Also I was not able to get into Gamenweald yet. Which level needs to be completed to open up that campaign? Or is that still in development/paid content?

Try to solve “Go Fetch” in Python.


Gamenweald unlocked!


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I can’t find “Go Fetch” in Python I can get on web development 2 but I don’t any of the “mini” islands unlocked also I am on the mountain island.This is how I got on the island

This is the island and as you can see no levels This is where I clicked I get on the web development 2 island.I don’t know what is happening. Could you help?

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Try resubmitting “The Agrippa Defense” or “Stillness in Motion” at the bottom of your path there in the Forest.

You have a lot of levels to unlock.

I completed 64/112 of the forest completed, not counting the blue levels.

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help i need help in computer science 2 level 4

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Sorry for reopening an old thread but I seem to have the same problem (partly only though) – how do I unlock levels 13+ in webdev 2 campaign? I have completed the whole forest and am half way through the desert.


Thanks for help!

Go to this link
the link

Thanks, this works, thought it does not unlock the subsequent levels, but by modifying the link I seem to be able to access them as well.

I wonder, is that a bug or a feature? I’m using javascript as my language, maybe that’s the cause?

And I just discovered that if I try it from the other side (javascript: true names) the unlocking starts to work…

No, it’s not a bug, but if you aren’t a subscriber, than you can’t go to subscriber only level

Well, I am a subscriber, hence I wondered why it’s locked. But as per Comment 11 I was able to successfully workaround this issue.