isReady bug (always happens)

I keep finding this. when I use the shortcut button when starting to write it, This happens:
isReady bug
The system doesn’t add the second parenthesis. Easy fix (thats why i havn’t posted it before), but still annoying, and I wnated to share it with you guys.

I think that’s because the first is ready command that you learn is with cleave.

@PeterPalov, I think you may be confusing the actual error with the recommended text:

I too have seen this error many times, so you’re not alone. You could rummage around in the coco editors and you might be able to find where this stuff is.
@Chaboi_3000, would you know where you might be able to find this?


Ah, yes I have this bug too. So about this I don’t know why it doesn’t have the second parenthesis.

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Same bug found in hero.costOf
No second parenthesis

I can’t seem to be reproducing the same issue on my end. Care to specify the exact steps to reproduce this issue?


thats because there isnt a : behind the ending bracket if there is tho then the bug happens

First i use shortcut for ‘if’, then i do ‘’ and can then use short cut for ‘isReady’

I get this bug as well. It happens when I type if, and press enter for the shortcut giving me this default if statement:

if enemy:

Then I change enemy to hero.isReady(), and it gives me the shortcut and I press enter and then this happens:

if hero.isReady("cleave":
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That’s the same as me @abc

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It actually happens for anything. If you type if and use the shortcut, then use a method that requires a string inside of the parenthesis, the second parenthesis will not appear. If you type if with the shortcut, then type summon with the shortcut, you get this:

if hero.summon("soldier":
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