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Hi. Today I was looking in the forums and found this topic that had a image of someone using the boots of flying. How can he use it when it’s level 66?
Link to the forum is below
The link

if you don’t know @Chaboi_3000 is currently on an intern for CodeCombat so he has everything even LVL 66 things but if it’s level 66 then it’s not released probably useless.

When is the next level 66 item going to be released?

we have no idea ask the devs they probably can give you a generalised date

Probably not another one for a while

Is it true that you can reach Level 66 in CoCo?

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What will the next level 66 item do?

No one knows even what the next one will be.

What does the viking helmet do? The one you get in lost viking.

It triples knockback dealt from bashing.

And what do all the special items for warriors do?

Which ones are you talking about?

All of them.(20 chars)

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