Seeking special weapon users

If you have Master Sword or the Wyvernclaw (unlocked by completing the forest and dungeon special levels respectively), please tell me what is their damage and DPS.
~ Orb

Could you send some pics on how they look like? I have no idea.


Master Sword:



OK, well that explains the problem, Thanks Chaboi

Wyvernclaw definitely is pretty bad, the damage is horrible, and fangriders aren’t that strong at all. (About the same strength as griffin riders). Master Sword is definitely strong though. It has a base DPS of 161, and the ability deals 115 damage every 5 seconds. So it’ll be an additional 23 AREA DPS. So then it’ll deal 184 DPS minimum against 1 mob, which is actually very comparable to Temple Sword or The Sword of the Forgotten.


i completed the dungeon one but only got gems

That is because the offer already ended @cheddarcheese

oh thanks that explained why