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How to get to level 66?


How do you get to level 66? I have only 2 levels left to go in game dev, mountain, and glacier in all yet I am at a level 41. Can anyone help me understand this?


you’re not supposed to be able to reach lvl 66. There are several posts discussing that already.


I have passed almost all levels(all - 1) and I reached only level 42. So we just need to wait until new levels will be released.


They probably will just bump up the unlock levels of the items not released yet when there are enough levels to get to level 66. The level 66 items are there because they are not finished developing them yet. When they are ready to release new items that are currently unlocked at level 66, they will move that item’s unlock level down to the point where they want it to be unlocked. Ex: If the new winged boots are supposed to be unlocked in the glacier, they will move the item’s unlock level to the point where somewhere in the glacier you should get to that level.


@RobAnybody what level did you not beat


Maybe the items that are for level 66 will be released with the new map.


Which will be when? I already created a post on when new stuff would be released.


This is correct. Extra characters to reach 20.


Game Dev 3 Last Level. I am not subscribed to pass it.


Is that your last level?


I think it is, because in earlier posts, it said that was his last level.