Recently,when I wanted to use local dev environment to simulate games on CodeCombat,it seemed that http://direct.codecombat.com/ had redirected to http://cn.codecombat.com/ .
Is this an official server in China?Or it is an unofficial server which pretents to be an official server?

It’s an official server, but because we don’t have an ICP yet, it’s actually in Tokyo. Hopefully it’s much faster than the previous server, since it can do all the database reads and application server requests from Asia instead of having to go to the US.

How have you found the speed?

We might be able to partner with a Chinese company to set up codecombat.cn with actual servers in China, so they wouldn’t have to go outside the GFW.


Yes,it seems faster than the server in US.Great job!


I am having trouble accessing cn.codecombat.com. I am getting lots of connection lost and can’t reach server errors. Levels won’t load both with and without vpn. I can access US codecombat with VPN.

Things are working now… I guess it’s fixed or was just a problem with our schools internet system…

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@nick 你好 !关于codecombat.cn调查问卷的邮件收到了吗?

codecombat.cn is NOT an official server so it’s unfit to talk about it here. By the way, you should use English if you can, or you can post in Chinese category.

codecombat.cn 并不是官方服务器,所以在这里讨论并不适合。顺带一提,你在这里应该尽量用英语,或者把帖子发到中文版块里。

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sorry,I just want nick to replay.I will delete my message.