[Solved] Can't visit codecombat from China anymore!


when I try to visit codecombat.com, browser leads to combat.163.com, What the heck?!?!


Ummm, this is a bug. Please contact the codecombat staff at: team@codecombat.com.
(Also, because most of the people on the discourse are kids, could you not swear please.)
Thank you.


sorry for the word…


It looks like the URL is redirecting. I’m not sure if that’s intended or not.

I tried the URL for the China server and it redirected to this…

China server

I’m not sure if that’s an official CodeCombat change or if that’s some kind of scam but the top level domain is 163.com and I’ve never heard of that associated with CodeCombat. Someone with the game staff is going to have to look into this (@maka).


The link works, it goes to this. When you click the icon at the bottom of the page. @MunkeyShynes it is intended to do that.

Edit: I’m beginning to feel suspicious that this is a scam site because the forum link redirects to a fake codecombat forum. :frowning: and the login page is much different


The site appears to be a CoCo site, but the domain is not codecombat.com. The domain is 163.com. The SUB domain is codecombat.163.com. Sub domains like this can be created by anyone with any random domain name. When you click on the link which contains the real domain and sub domain, (cn.codecombat.com), the browser is redirected to the 163.com domain. Unless the devs have made some changes I’m not aware of (which is possible), I don’t believe that this is right. It looks like it’s being redirected to a scam site.


This is what it should be, according to Nick’s post above.


Yeah, it’s legit. We are working with 163.com, one of the largest internet companies in China, to run our China CodeCombat server now, and so we have redirected cn.codecombat.com to the account migration page there (if you want to migrate your cn.codecombat.com account). See this blog post for more information.


Thanks, this issue really got me crazy because because I thought they were pirates disguised as codecombat. ROFL


It’s cool that you guys get to do these things. I’ve noticed they added their own forum too!