Javascript errors when copying and pasting from external text editor

I’m trying to code a solution to the gridmancer level.

I’m running into trouble when I try to backup my code. I copy and paste from the CodeCombat editor into Notepad++.

Then when I copy my code from Notepad++ back into the CodeCombat editor I see in Chrome, Windows 7 64 bit javascript console these errors:
randotron_0.7834251932799816:7:40: Unterminated String Literal vendor.js:3279
randotron_0.7834251932799816:8:1: Invalid unicode escape sequence in identifier vendor.js:3279
randotron_0.7834251932799816:8:1: Character code ‘0’ is not a valid identifier start char vendor.js:3279
randotron_0.7834251932799816:8:1: ‘)’ expected vendor.js:3279

Here’s a link to a screen shot, it looks like the forum wont let me post images because I’m a new user, so

just prepend https:// to this url:

I’m guess this has to do with line ending conversions.

It looks like it only happens when I have function declarations in the code like this:

function something(){

Then when I refresh the webpage, it seems this error prevents the level from loading, and the only way I can get it back is if I use the restart button.

Hi @tpsjr7–sorry about that newline problem. I’ve started an issue here to keep track of it.

I just tried tweaking some configurations in our ACE editor–if you try again now (may need a cache clear), do you still see the problem?

Thanks, looks like it’s working now.