Error using the code window

So I have somehow got it in a weird state where I can see code in the code window, but I can’t type anything. I am in Zone of Danger, in any of the three code tabs, and any characters I type just adds a different random character, or a bunch of characters, or any number of other odd behaviours. If I switch to a different code tab, and then switch back, any changes I made are not there. The Console (Chrome, Windows 7 64 bit) gives me:

Uncaught Error: sendOperation() called with invalid operation. vendor.js:55518
n vendor.js:55518
e.FirebaseAdapter.t.sendOperation vendor.js:55561
e.EditorClient.r.sendOperation vendor.js:56016
e.Client.t.applyClient vendor.js:55882
e.Client.e.applyClient vendor.js:55868
e.EditorClient.r.onChange vendor.js:56005
editorAdapter.registerCallbacks.change vendor.js:55934
e.ACEAdapter.t.trigger vendor.js:56120
e.ACEAdapter.t.onChange vendor.js:56041
(anonymous function) vendor.js:56023
r._emit.r._dispatchEvent ace.js:1
onDocumentChange ace.js:1
r._emit.r._dispatchEvent ace.js:1
onChange ace.js:1
r._emit.r._dispatchEvent ace.js:1
insertInLine ace.js:1
insert ace.js:1
insert ace.js:1
insert ace.js:1
t.commands.exec ace.js:1
(anonymous function) ace.js:1
r._emit.r._dispatchEvent ace.js:1
exec ace.js:1
onTextInput ace.js:1
onTextInput ace.js:1
A ace.js:1
O ace.js:1
Posted 1 error to 51a79585ee207206390002a2.js:1

Sounds like the Firepad integration I added last week is acting up. This is the first time I’ve heard of it. Do you know if you go back to Zone of Danger and then hit the “Restart” button to reset all the code if it recovers or is still borked? (Also, had you played that level before today?)

Sorry about this bug! Thanks for helping out with it. At least the Firepad part is a lot more stable than the previous ShareJS version was, if this is the first bug report for it so far.

Sorry, I meant to leave it up but somehow I must have closed it. I just went back to it from scratch and everything is fine again.

I had played that level before, a few hours before going back to it, before creating an account. It was fine then, and the second time I created an account and was logged in. But I am logged in now and it is fine. I wish I could remember what I did to screw it up, but I don’t recall the exact steps.

Okay, good to know. We’ll keep our eyes out for this one. I did see some possibly related bugs with wizard presence, where multiplayer wizards wouldn’t properly go away. I wonder if they co-occur.