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How get more free levels after Kingithard Dungeon?


Hi, I just finished the Kingithard Dungeon (12 free levels) and it seemed I could not do any more. I will not be paying for the premium upgrade as I don’t have the money, but I’d really like to continue. Is there a way to progress more without upgrading as it is annoying me a bit. Sorry if this question is stupid but I’m new :smiley:


What’s the last Kithgard Dungeon level you completed? To move on to Backwoods Forest you need to complete Kithgard Gates.


I don’t know, but it said that I escaped the dungeon on the last level I was on, but have only done 12 of the however many ones there are. I can’t seem to find the next one though.


Could you please send a screenshot of what your Kithgard map looks like? Once you are done with Dungeon, you should move onto Forest. A couple levels are free but most levels are subscribers only and it is I believe a $10.00 monthly payment.


I think actually it is $4 per month. But you still have to buy 2 months each time.


Just to confirm/reiterate: You can do the mainline challenges without having to pay for premium. From Kithgard, exit here:

(I’m nearly through Sarven desert and haven’t run into being obligated to pay yet. I believe the intent is for the mainline to be free.)

Or you can click on whatever level you want (providing it’s been unlocked) here:


No , it is 10$ per month, but you can get the lifetime subscription.


There are about 100 total free levels. Use the purple arrow @ByteJuggler pointed out to go to the Forest area.

The red-dot levels are free.


it should be 4$ ! you still have to pay 2 months at a time!!!


$4? I looked at the cost of the monthly subscription and it’s $10.
Are you confusing the price of a monthly subscription and the price of some gems?


Wait,wait…hmmmmm…well…you are also correct…


I know that I’m making a long non-touched topic back “alive”, but just telling you, I think that you should read other things more carefully.