Keeping time did not appear on map

The new level, “Keeping Time” did not appear on the map when the others did. I clicked the link from the facebook post, and loaded it that way. Thereafter it was on my map.

yes because those lvl aren’t released for everyone , you have to become an adventurer to play them , and to do that you have to started them from an external link , it’s not a bug

Well, I guess it could be… although the level was posted with the currently released levels, not the adventurer levels.

Regular levels post:

Did you beat Medical Attention back before Keeping Time existed? That’s the level that should unlock it.

I had indeed completed Medical Attention. It is of little consequence if no one else has seen the problem, just wanted to put it out there.

If you go back and beat Medical Attention again, it should appear.

Yeah, it appeared once I directly followed link. I just wanted to let them know that it didn’t appear when the others did.