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Levels not showing up part 2


Some levels like the path all the way to


This is maybe because there simply are no more levels?

As you can see in the picture you beat 29 of 29 levels. This means there are no more levels in the dungeon area. If you look around the different maps, there are some disconnected levels, simply because no one made the levels inbetween. This happens. Give it time.


Wait… this level is not showing up too. This is the level. Edit this post and add to https:// and this is the level that isn’t showing up:

I don’t know what that level is, but have a leader (or any other account that can edit posts) edit this post


Sometimes the developers decide to tease people and place sparkling effects where levels will be. This is such a case.
It is a bit unlucky to use the same effect an inaccessible level has, but now that you brought it up it will surely be solved in a short time. (I fell for it at first as well ;))