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Kelvintaph Glacier - Challenging but short lived - Post suggestions for new levels, content, etc here


For those who have gotten this far, what do you think the Kelvintaph Glacier campaign still needs? I have created this post to solicit thoughts about improving the levels and adding more content to this campaign.

Right now there are only 25<?> levels and it could easily see double this count as the next lowest in campaign levels is Kithgard Dungeon coming in around 47.



I personally wanted to see more on Vectors. I feel much of that was a bit rushed and there weren’t enough intermediate levels to encourage one to develop their use of the Vector library. In the end I didn’t really use Vectors to complete the levels like I could have.

With new new code book, we also get use of many more commands with access to the Math, Array, Object, and String functions. Perhaps more content could be created along those lines? What does everyone else think?



I wanted to have full picture before posting suggestions regarding kelvintaph glacier and now I’m ready :wink:

I think more vector levels would be sweet, exactly for the reasons you’ve mentioned above. What I personally would love to see is some training missions for advanced tactics for troops - I’m mostly thinking of paladins and archers, as soldiers are pretty basic, yet some mission where you would need to put soldiers/paladins in front of your archers so they soak the damage would be amazing. There’re very few levels regarding string manipulations. I think there could be some sorting levels - especially with objects, like sorting peasants by their positions’ x value, for example. It surely would help out people in some of survival levels to create more efficient code. Using sort with python (5th code book) is hard as description is in javascript and you can’t use lambdas, etc.

I’m more than happy to help out with testing out levels and in general talking about levels, suggestions and new ideas - so I would be glad to stay in contact :slight_smile: