Kith, an ice guy


I would like to play it, but this is what it says:

That means I don’t know anything about it. Not trying to be rude, but does this have anything to do with “Kith”?


Yes. It does. :+1:. But how?


I don’t have a mage character


Kith is not made of ice, Kith is made of GEMS. :wink:


That makes sense! I had a very large number of gems ( about 1000 - 1500) at the end of kithgard dungeon.


Well, sure, I had lots of gems (8808 gems to be precise). But why is it only in dungeon and for me, only with nalfar?


Kith is only in the dungeon because that’s where Kith lives.

It shouldn’t matter what hero you use.


A gem golem? That sounds so cool! :gem:


Here is the new link for my level:The level with kith

Editing the Colors of Objects in the Level Editor and Other Things

For me it still says “Error loading from server” :confused:


Same for me. It says “Error loading from server” :confused:


Don’t know why. Maybe the owner can only play it.


Make a small change and resave the level but be sure to check “Publish” in the dialog that pops up.


Published thanks. :+1::+1:


Thank now the level is working for me and that was an awesome level.:smiley:


Can you fix this please. One of the chieftian was push out of my screen and when that happen I can’t kill it.


You have to reach the ogre chieftain.


The chieftain will somehow come back


See look:


I reach the chieftain but the chieftain didn’t even came back.