What level am I on?

I’ve completed 47/49 levels of Kithgard Gungeon, but I don’t see anything telling me which levels are remaining? Please help. How do I know where the incomplete levels are?

Hi @Miles welcome to the CodeCombat discourse.
Could you post a screenshot so I can see your dungeon area. I recognise your problem but I’m not sure which level’s missing for you.

Thanks Deadpool! I would really like to complete all of these before moving on.

@Miles, there are actually 57 levels in the Dungeon (one of those is hidden and does not show in the count, nor on the map, even once completed), that I’ve found, but short of the two blue flags you are showing, I’ll wait on Danny to respond, as he was the first responder.

The two blue flags indicate an incomplete level. Once a level is successfully completed, the tile changes to the colored star. Completing such a level might also “unlock” new levels that are not yet being shown.

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