Kithgard Mastery Help

I have gone through all the free first level ‘quests’ and have decided to try out this level after completing the first world. Is everything you need to complete the level in the free quests, or do you need to be a subscriber to get the methods and functions that we require to complete the level. I am having an issue with only either being able to attack the ogre or build something, and as I require the hammer to build to be able to disable the fire trap. Thanks in advance…

Btw, this is a very interesting and fun game, even for an adult like myself, have a little coding experience, but having fun with this nonetheless.

It is a free-to-play level, and it is possible to beat it with free-to-play items only. I’ve personally beat it with just a “Simple sword” and very minimal armor.

Make sure you’ve read the comments in the top of the code editor (press the Reload button in the top-right of the page if you accidentally deleted the comments). As for the fireball traps, you should use the self.say() method as the comments instruct you to:

Count how many gems you pick up, and then say the current count when near a fireball trap to disable it.