Ladder is Glitchy

I recently submitted a new ranking for some of my code, but it went over an hour without being simulated. Simulate button returns: No games to simulate. Trying another game in 10 seconds.

This is happening on both the China and the US servers.

me too i always wondered why?

We sometimes adjust the simulation throughput ratio to handle high server loads, so for example today it only returns a game to simulate 10% of the time until we can improve the performance. That’s why the “no games” message.

What level/team was the new code submitted for?

Harrowlands and Dueling Grounds… Both red.

Unfortunately it’s very hard to get red matches played on Dueling Grounds given the vast amount of red players (we default to red when first playing that, which is a problem). Harrowland shouldn’t be that bad, though, with only 2357 red players. I’ll increase the simulation rate a bit.

Thanks, a faster update rate really helps strategies and improving code.

I am not too concerned with my red dueling grounds score as I have already achieved my desired goal. (Making the -5000 show up on the scoreboard)