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Ladder ranking broken in Greed


The current ranking algorithm skips a lot of players.

I won every game I was ranked against, and still come out ranked 3rd.

Looking closer, my characters hadnt been matched against a few of the other top 10 players.

The current algorithm is good for skipping up the ladder to the appropriate approximate spot, but then perhaps you should play every player ±10 spots


You bring up a good point. We talked about it today and we’re going to make it so that if there’s nothing that needs to be done in the simulator, it will randomly choose games from the leaderboard. That way there’s always something to simulate, and there will be continuous games even after you’ve been placed, and not just when newcomers play against you to get ranked. We’ll see how that improves things and then go from there.


Do you like the idea of if you get in to the top 10, that it then matches you against all the others in the top 10?


I like that idea, but I like the idea of skipping a lot less all over the board more. We were overloaded with simulations when I decided to implement the skipping, but now that we have more people simulating and the simulator is a lot more stable, I think I can reduce the skipping a bit.