Lava Lake Clash Bugs and Feedback

Fixed the issue with red items and sometimes slow snail.


@Bryukh does the green bubble missle have the same phisics as the lava ball thrown by the hero.throw({x,y}) abillity

I found a bug. If the player dashes into a speed orb, the player’s movement speed doesn’t reset back to the default for the rest of the game.

Quite sure that bug was there in the previous arena as well

What’s the default speed though? 22?

The default speed is 8

Ah, yeah that might be a problem then ;-;

is there a way to know the time the throw ability takes to hit the location?
or at least, what is speed the fireball travels at to the target?


20m/s. You could calculate it yourselves :slight_smile:

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When I calculated it by distance/time of simulation it was around 17m/s, is there like a slow down period or did I just calculate it wrong?

The simple test – throw at 60, 9 from the start (zero time), then lava lake appears at ~3s.

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@Bryukh can you add a method to tell the differance between the wall and lava

What should it be? Walls are always there so you know where they are.

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i know but it would be helpful if the hero.lavaAtXY(x, y ) returned like 99999 if it was a wall

Definitely no, because positive numbers are your lava. I don’t see a reason to make the map complex, just use smaller map and NEVER get out of the map.

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then -99999 (20 chars)

I suggest you haven’t read the documentation for the lava map method in the lava lake arena? Negative numbers are your opponent lava. Just don’t step on first and last rows/columns of the map.

what does the wall register as you lava or you opponent’s

Please read documentation. I start thinking you are trolling me. Its not a good idea to troll admins.

i am not trolling you but i do not see anything in the documetation that show me what wall lava registers as.