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"Leave Clan" button not working

I am trying to leave the clan I joined – it appears to be inactive. But the button seems to do nothing. Screen does not reload, and browser says I am still in. Once I manually refresh, it does finally show that I left, or upon joining, if I refresh, it will say I joined.

Using Chrome, I think the latest version.

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I think that it’s just a bit slow updating the clan list, I think the button is working it just takes a little while to register it.
The button does work eventually, just not straight away. I’m not sure whether this is enough of a problem to change it, personally I think not.
Thank you for reporting it.
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P.S. I read that you like Orson Scott Card, and I wanted to recommend another great Sci-Fi writer: Isaac Asimov, I just started the first of his foundation novels and I liked it so much I’ve just taken the whole series out of the library. They’re really really good.

Nice. I have heard his name a few times, so I will certainly check him out.

Hi @bobmcphe, can you recommend a contemporary Sci-Fi writer ( books after 2000 ) for a 10-14 years old boy?

Good question. The only one I can think of off the bat would be Ted Dekker’s Circle Trilogy. It counts as more ‘soft sci-fi’ instead of hard sci-fi’ (so, the difference between 20,000 Leagues or Time Machine and something like the Hunger Games, the former being ‘hard’ and the latter being ‘soft’).

Dekker’s Circle Trilogy is half fantasy, or more than half perhaps. It was written in 2004. You have a parallel world, government conspiracy with bio-weapons, and so on – it’s just plain good fun. But not the most ‘sciencey’ of the fiction options. I will try to think of some other ones and get back to you.

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I don’t mean to keep banging on about them but I’m 10-14 and would still recommend the Isaac Asimov Foundation books. The one I’m reading at the moment was written in 1991-1992 so it’s around the right time.
But aside from that I would recommend:

  • Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines series. (2001-2006. Sci-Fi/Steampunk/Post Apocalyptic. The books are better than the film.)
  • Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials (1995-2000. I admit these are kind of slipping away from Sci-Fi into fantasy, but they’re still great books)
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