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Legend of the Code of Combat


Rumor has it use of the magician to impart code to the adventurers and world objects is in question. Why not just robots that follow code is the outcry! But few know of the true legend of the Code of Combat…

Long ago in the world of ______, adventures upheld an oath of loyalty to the King to protect, serve, and adventure out into the vast unknown to claim lands, conquer new species, and find objects of value for the kingdom.

But those wishing evil against the kingdom infiltrated the ranks of the adventurers and sowed chaos in their missions of honor. The king’s seal had been imitated and forgeries circulated from desperate and cunning metal-smiths. Orders from the court could no longer be trusted.

It was then, as the kingdom’s integrity and order faced deceit and fraud, that a young archmage, a cousin of the king, unearthed the true source of wizardry found in the language of ancient spells. This code of sorcery could be used to secretly communicate the orders of the king.

A secret society of sorcerers was commissioned by the king. From now on any orders, any commands, were to be carried out in spells transmitted in this ancient code.

Only those knowing the code of combat can truly execute the wishes of the king.

This is the legend of the Code of Combat.


Good legend! It’s actually pretty close to what we’ve been thinking for the campaign story levels we’re about to start implementing. The main difference is that instead of kingdoms and kings and Wizards serving kings, the world is controlled by the Wizards themselves, who are kind of like little kings, since their magic allows them to coordinate the efforts of their realm’s inhabitants. Then we’ll have many realms with different kinds of inhabitants (i.e. more campaigns with new unit types).


I was looking for a way to explain the standardization of code across all wizards, hence the hierarchy of the King. Second, was looking for a willful reason that adventurers and objects would obey the code, the honor of serving the king - this makes them not robots but following a solemn oath. Kind of like King Arthur.

If there are many wizards, one would like to know why they all use the same language and why it has a power in the realms.

For other realms with different inhabitants, you can deepen the legend of the Source.