Level 6 subscription bug?

We are working on better pricing for Brazil and China; please hold on. In the meantime, if you want to run CodeCombat in your classroom, follow this route for the free Courses beta: http://codecombat.com/hoc

@Adranir, I`m not sure about this. Hey @nick is this a bug?

Look, to be honest, after playing five levels I wouldn’t pay over 10.00 BRL for a subcription because I don’t know if it’s worth it (five levels is nothing, I think at least half the first world should be open without having to pay if you want to convince anyone of paying anything). Plus I don’t have a way to explain to my mother why I want her to pay 20.00 BRL (much less almost 40.00 BRL or over it, that’s what the credit card will probably charge in the convertion rate) for a thing I barely played and that she’ll think it’s silly.

You guys will have to keep in mind that you’re dealing with a country where until six or seven year ago pirated even the console’s games. Brazilians (in general) are not used to paying for softwares, much less web based games like code-combat.

In my opinion more thought should have been given before implementing this system. The way it is, without any warning and with the pricing at USD 9.90, the owners are shooting their own feet and loosing potential ‘customers’. Single persons (I mean, people who aren’t involved with schools, colleged, etc.) won’t be easily conviced to pay the way it is.


I agree UltCombo, I wanted try help the community how “Archmage”, “Scribes” or “Diplomats” in the begin, but I don’t know how much this is good, because I don’t seen enough of CodeCombat.

Hey, @nick. Any news on a subscription pricing update for Brazil? :smiley:

I’d been working on it, then got sick. Finally got it done. Should now be set at 3.99/mo USD. Note that in Brazil the subscription is now 1500 gems instead of 3500 to account for the lower subscription price. Players in other regions should note that this pricing is due to our need to support the Brazil-specific server, comes with no free levels after level 6, and is aimed at helping out our Brazilian friends in their economic crisis.

Hope this helps!


Uhh, don’t mean to be rude. But i don’t think we’re really helping @joshlayton1. We’ve for the past weeks been talking about codecombat across the world. But I don’t think that really serves the point of the topic.

Sorry if this sounds rude.

Thanks @nick, that’s awesome.
The monthly gems bonus scaling seems like a nice deterrent to people using VPNs to buy cheaper subscriptions (I’m not sure if that is real a problem for CodeCombat).

@Luke10 I’m not sure what you mean.

Well the point of this topic was because @joshlayton1 needed help because of a bug. And it doesn’t seem like we’re really helping. We’re kind of talking about something completely different. We’re not talking about the point of the topic.

Hope i’m not sounding rude or anything. Just thought i should bring that up.

Actually, I think we are talking about the very exact point of the topic. The thing is, CodeCombat is trying a new pricing model on certain regions (Brazil and China, I think), but they didn’t communicate this with antecedence so it seemed like a bug that only certain users could reproduce.

Nick has then revealed in this thread that the reason for this behavior is the new pricing model, and that it is actually not a bug. As there is no longer a bug to discuss, the topic turned from a possible bug report to a discussion about the new pricing model, which is the actual reason for the originally reported behavior.

By the way, I didn’t intend to sound rude, either. Just wanted to be extra clear in case any other reader got lost in this discussion. :slightly_smiling:


By the way, I’m retagging this to “solved” as it was not actually a bug and we don’t have an “invalid” tag.

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Ok thanks @UltCombo. Sorry if i sounded rude in my statement. I guess I kind of got lost in the discussion. Thanks for explaining. What does is talking about New pricing models on certain regions have to do about what @joshlayton1 needs help on?

The original issue is that you would face a paywall when trying to play the 6th level, which appears to be (and used to be) a free level. This seemed to be a bug. In fact, it is expected behavior introduced by the new pricing model.

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Oh I get it. thanks @UltCombo. I’ll try not to get lost in these conversations from now on. Sorry to ask a lot of questions but I have one more. Does discussing that enable @joshlayton1 to be able to play the level?

I guess that’s the closest thing that can be done.

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Oh ok thanks again @UltCombo

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I’m very upset that CodeCombat just quit following its own mission. I understand the need to pay for the resources you use and I really never knew the source of your funding. But pick countries like Brazil and China and just block the access to the basic levels is not ok. I know CC for a long time and I’m also a Diplomat, helping to translate CC.

Now I feel like I was stolen, because I tried to show CC to my daughter and she only could play 5 levels. How many hours you got of effort from brazilians, not just translating, but I’m sure you have people from Brazil doing contributions in many other ways. Now you get the hours we’ve put in the game, and block the brazilians to get access to the very levels we helped to build.

To have bonus levels and other resources paid is ok, because with those you’re not blocking people to learn, but blocking access to the basic levels I consider abusive for a site that states that want to “make programming accessible to everyone” and also that it’s based on open source and a community. If until now I promoted CC and told to all people I know that it was a very good site for children and teenagers, now I’m going to tell them a very different history, unfortunally. You have just broke the community you created. And no, it’s not “solved”.

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@Itamar_Carvalho I can see how not being able to progress without a paid subscription could be frustrating. Unfortunately, seldom does stating ones frustration ever solve a problem. I have noticed that when a challenge is presented in a effective manner it can serve as the catalyst for change.

The basic fact I think in this is that nothing is free. The idea of free is a misnomer and often causes people to believe in a concept that is not true to life itself. Even charity comes at a cost. One cannot help another without taking their time to do so.

I am just another community member, but if the guys at Code Combat were creating local servers to serve your area (CDN’s ? ), I would hardly think that they mean to cause issues for students to learn that may be at a disadvantage. Perhaps their current business model doesn’t take into consideration an additional challenge from your area?

In particular if you have made considerable contributions to the content, and had hoped that your daughter would be able to use that to learn to code then this could perhaps be the first challenge to the team?

"Could they provide your daughter with a way to access the content as you were a major translator?"

A second challenge seems to be that there may be people in Brazil or China that cannot afford this as a resource? And that by requiring them to “pay” this may be alienating otherwise deserving students?

"Is there a charity that might help sponsor students in these areas as part of the “Hour of Code” or for teaching IT to students"

Another thought, CodeCombat is said to be “open source”, this might allow for a branch off and the ability to create a free lesson sequence for children in Brazil? All this would require is someone there to sponsor a server so that the students could gain access to it.

I don’t know how that works, but normally we start with and an idea to improve things:

"FIFA Combat" - a game inspired by CodeCombat and running on their Aether Engine

(pardon my poor illustration I am not a professional artist)

  • A nonviolent team based game
  • Teaches students how to program in Python and Javascript
  • Promotes the team work mindset
  • Sports theme to encourage students who might be into sports to try technology as well
  • Runs on and contributes back to the Code Combat open source base

This could provide students in Brazil who cannot yet afford access to CodeCombat an additional tool to practice on and give them a chance to become part of the open source community after they have learned coding. It would also offer a “non” violent version of the CodeCombat type games for students and classes that are looking for something like this.

Anyhow just a thought, good things happen when we choose to believe in something good and think of effective solutions to the challenges presented us.



I am not playing from brazil but the US and I am having the same problem how can I fix it?