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Setting up after installed locally


Hi, I just installed codecombat locally on a docker image.
The website runs just fine. I’m able to play without logging in, create accounts (teacher and students), …
But I’m noticing that when I create a course as teacher when I go to http://localhost:3000/teachers/courses the page is empty (no course or level is shown) whereas shows the list of all courses.
And when I create a class as teacher I can’t assign any course to my students.
An additional hint : when I click on “Course Progress” I have : “type error: course is not defined”

Is spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I should be doing without success, can someone help please ?


As I know, the database (downloaded from the official site, it’s filtered) has no information for courses, so you saw nothing. One hint is to download the json data by yourself and add it to your mongodb.


Hi @Liang_Lyon. Thanks for the answer. Do you know where should I be downloading the courses json data ? Is it in the github repository or somewhere else ? Thx