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Storming the Towers of Areth help

self.moveXY(55, 14)
self.moveXY(92, 9)

# Build a "fire-trap" on the red X.
# Move back to the wooden X to avoid the blast.
# Wait for the peon to investigate the shiny fire trap.
# Enter the camp and lay fire traps on each red X.
# Yell for your troops to retreat. (Hint: use say.)
# Flee back to the far left wooden X rally point.
self.buildXY("fire-trap", 93, 19)
self.moveXY(80, 5)
self.moveXY(55, 15)
enemy = self.findNearestEnemy()
if (enemy):
    self.moveXY(80, 6)
    self.buildXY("fire-trap", 90, 53)
    self.buildXY("fire-trap", 60, 63)
    self.say("Come get me!!!")
    self.moveXY(79, 6)
self.moveXY(0, 9)

error is “Escape back to rally point”

where location is this?


If it is not on the map when you start then it appears on the map once you get to needing it. So when finished and all your units are standing around wondering where to go . . . look to the “far left” for a “wooden X”.


i do not see a far left wooden X, will you please point out?


drag the screen to left


i modified my code, no change


you have to go thru the ogre hoard for some reason and you have to do this without your troops defeating the ogres


yea, ok i see what i did wrong now. lol i forgot retreat.