Level loading bug makes game unplayable

I just came back to the site, new browser, -new computer-, Google chrome browser. I was hopeful that performance problems with the game in the past were an artifact of a slower, older machine running flash or whatever. Nope.

I was able to get into the map, but when I try to load the level I get the following screen, which it never proceeds beyond. This is the second level that had this issue (the first one responded after multiple page refreshes).

[sad face]

Edit: Just as before, it does seem to respond after some page refreshing.

@Kezkoi what are your computer specs and what version of the web browser?

Also which OS are you running and do you have any antivirus software running?

same issue on the backwoods standoff level

been through multiple computers using chrome and internet explore and the page stops responding weather it be at the loading screen or 10 seconds after the loading screen

what are the specs on the current computer?

i7 processor?
2GB ram?
windows 10 ?

No idea about proccessor
2 GB or less ram (i think)
Windows 7 (dont know any more specifcs past that, like updates or anything. I started this for fun so im sorry that i dont know more than that)

Here’s one of mine:

Lenovo Ideacentre 700
8GB Ram
I5 processor
Ubuntu Linux 16.04.1
Google chrome version 53.0