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Level Progression Visualization

Related to the post of @jinjianHow do I start from the level I’ve played?” I got an idea. The idea’s posted in the comments and the 2 issue’s posted should be implemented for sure. On top of that I think we also miss something else important.

For now we’re trying to teach the people JavaScript, so that’s the “Story” they play. Then I would start fitting levels in chapters. For example:

  • the first chapter teaches the user all about the basics of JavaScript (like syntax etc…).
  • The second chapter may be a little more advanced and is all about classes
  • and so on…

This way we clearly have a nice flow and it should also allow people to skip a chapter if he already knows the subjects handled in that chapter (This becomes especially important if you would start having different stories for different languages, but is also already important right now.)

Note: It might be good that in order to let the user skip a level, that he needs to prove himself of knowing that knowledge by beating the boss level, which requires the user of knowing all previously handled subjects and knowledge of that story (language).

All of this can be visualized in a pretty way and is something for the artists to think about. A lot, and really a lot of games have this kind of visualization of chapters and levels. A famous example is probably Mario. Inspiration:

I think this idea is great because:

  • It creates a nice flow of levels and the user’s learning process.
  • It derides the knowledge in chapters so that related subjects can be nicely bundled to get some structure.
  • It gamifies the learning process and make it really feel like a game.

On top of this:

  • You could then also have more then one possible “walking” route in the chapters, if you have more then enough levels for this.
  • Maybe you can even find a procedural/modular way to do this, so that when all these new extra fun levels get created and approved that you can fit them in nicely without having to redesign a complete world map.

Let me know what you think about it.

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Well put! We actually have been talking internally about a Mario-style campaign map for a while. The thing we keep blocking on is your last point: how can we make such a visual map for navigating non-linearly through organized levels in a campaign when we are still changing the levels around all the time–how can the map be made flexible enough?

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My idea is that put teaching document,book and video in games.Make players have a system study.Play games like read a book ,after over all levels that will finish a book,even more books.Play games like do a project,when finish,the project is finish.when finish they can take part in develop of CodeCombat.

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Oh, this is a cool idea actually. Makes it maybe also easier to fit in extra levels afterwards. And probably also much less extra work for the artists. Cool idea man! We should brainstorm around this.

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