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Level:storming-the-towers-of-areth(pls help)


Hi, don’t know how to do Leave it to storming-the-towers-of-areth

the game addres is

the last goal is 【Escape back to the rally point】

and at last I return to the first position, it not work,and what should I move ? pls help me.

my code is :

<%= enemy_defenses %>

<%= break_the_defense %

newX = hero.pos.x
newY = hero.pos.y

hero.moveXY(94, 19)
hero.buildXY(hero.buildTypes[1], 94, 19)
hero.moveXY(88, 10)
hero.moveXY(101, 52)
hero.buildXY(hero.buildTypes[1], 60,62)
hero.buildXY(hero.buildTypes[1], 90, 53)
hero.moveXY(76, 35)
hero.moveXY(79, 6)
hero.moveXY(newX,newY )


[redacted foul language],it must code hero.say(“Retreat”), but the game has no tip!!