Storming the Towers of Areth

I’m trying to make “Storming the Towers of Areth”, I’m using hero Okar with Python.

After putting the first fire trap, I cannot control where Okar is going. A path made of many little red dots appear automatically on the map. I do not understand the maining of the red path?

For some reason Okar moves directly into the fighting crowd and dies. I cannot make him take the alternative way into the enemy base.

Can you help me?

I feel a little frustrated being stuck, and not being able to proceed in the game and learn more about programmering…

Could you post your code, situation , and gear you are using please? Thanks

This is my code

hero.moveXY(55, 14);
hero.moveXY(92, 9);

# Build a "fire-trap" on the red X.
hero.buildXY("fire-trap", 93, 19);
# Move back to the wooden X to avoid the blast.
hero.moveXY(80, 5);
# Wait for the peon to investigate the shiny fire trap.
# Enter the camp and lay fire traps on each red X.
hero.moveXY(63, 58)
hero.buildXY("fire-trap", 90, 53);
hero.buildXY("fire-trap", 60, 63);
# Yell for your troops to retreat. (Hint: use say.)
# Flee back to the far left wooden X rally point.
hero.moveXY(80, 5);
hero.moveXY(-16, 39);