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Storming the Towers of Areth--dying defenceless

  1. When I run my code below, I get killed off by 1 of a few guards remaining behind in a bottom tent, before placing my fire-trap on the 2nd X. I’ve managed to kill off most of them with an additional trap, but 1 doesn’t chase me to be killed by a trap, and spears me to death. Since I have a hammer, I’m not able to defend myself to attack stationary enemies without blowing myself up in the process.
  2. Is there a “wait” command I don’t know about yet?
  3. I don’t see the final X to run to (assuming I could survive). Can anyone provide the coordinates?
this.moveXY(55, 14);
this.moveXY(92, 9);

// Build a "fire-trap" on the red X.
this.buildXY("fire-trap", 94, 19);
// Move back to the wooden X to avoid the blast.
this.moveXY(79, 6);
// Wait for the peon to investigate the shiny fire trap.

this.buildXY("fire-trap", 88, 28);
this.moveXY(94, 19);

// Enter the camp and lay fire traps on each red X.
this.buildXY("fire-trap", 90, 53);
this.buildXY("fire-trap", 60, 62);

// Yell for your troops to retreat. (Hint: use say.)
// Flee back to the far left wooden X rally point.

Thanks for any help!


Wait() is on the Gilt Wristwatch :slight_smile:


there is a wait command. this.wait. you may need the appropriate gear to use it though. Thats the key. you need to wait before rushing in for the units to vacate.

The final X will appear when you get to that stage (you place both traps). it appears as it’s needed. So don’t worry just focus on getting to that point.


Do I have to buy the Gilt wristwatch to pass the level? Is this item rewarded somewhere instead?


If you’re clever, measure the times ect ect you don’t need it. It just makes things a lot easier.

You can find all rewarded items in the linked post.


Thats true. instead of moving straight to the fire trap spots. move backwards then move forward to waste time. is not required it just makes it easier as previously said. get creative.


Each “say” takes 1 second.


Thanks for the help everyone.

Moving back and forth is something I’ve thought of since it was in an earlier dungeon mission, but wasn’t sure if that’s what the directions meant. Using “say” over and over can be a fun way of adding more to the story–nice idea. I’ve decided to spare the diamonds and go with the say commands to buy myself some needed time.

For your viewing pleasure:

... etc.
// Wait for the peon to investigate the shiny fire trap.
this.say("Prepare to die!");
this.say("What did the fox say?");
this.say("Who let the dogs out?");
// Enter the camp and lay fire traps on each red X.
this.buildXY("fire-trap", 90, 53);
this.buildXY("fire-trap", 60, 62);
... etc.

LOL, nice use of say. I discovered the delay by accident. I like to use say to figure out run-time values (counts of items, lengths of arrays, enemy.type, etc.) and realized I was taking a lot of damage as I said things.

There is probably some life lesson there about what happens if you talk too much. :wink:


the wait command doesn’t work for me, i completed this one as instructed every time, and i still fail the second objective, sabotage the supply tents. I performed as requested, so I can’t figure out what I missed.


Are you attacked by the spears throwers when entering the camp? Then find a method to wait some more time.
You do not need the wait() command - every action the hero does takes some time.

If you fail for a different reason, please say exactly what happens and paste your code.
Surround the code by triple backquotes ```


the issue I was struggling with seemed to be a combination of lag (client side browser) issues, and the character completed commands too fast, and the bombs blowing up at the wrong moments, and that causing a bug of missing the 2nd objective, because he retreated before the 2nd bomb blew up.

I decided to improvise and I reversed the order that he places the bombs, putting furthest one down first. that seemed to cause the bomb delay issue of them blowing up before he retreats.

Ok, they don’t want me posting the code, but my description should be enough to get the jest of what solved it. Without reversing the order of the bomb placement, I tried several times with the same code and failed to reap a winning result.


Hey @PatchRhythm, thanks for contributing. However, note that posting correct solutions is against our policy—it takes away the whole point of the game. Players should learn in the process of solving the levels, and copy-pasting solutions is like cheating on an exam (i.e. you don’t learn anything).

Please edit the post to remove the solution. :wink:

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considering i’m new here, is there guidelines on how much info it’s suggested is given to a solution? I’m thinking a “less is more” thing since you want people to learn without spoiling all the of challenges.


@PatchRhythm I believe the guidelines are not very precise in this topic. Giving tips, explaining code and objectives as well as fixing small passages of code are usually okay—future readers would still have to go through the effort of understanding the given scenario and piece everything together. As a general rule, avoid giving out full ready-made solutions.

Perhaps @ChronistGilver can fill in more details.

That sounds like a good plan. :smiley:


Thank you, that was a great time delay.