Level: Tactical Strike

This is intended to reinforce variable assignment and throw in some game mechanics (attacking ranged units more sensibly by closing the attack distance). Main question here: is it fun to play?

That’s funny - I was just going through those levels :smile: The main answer would be, yes, its a good way to show moving around to the ranged units.
I did hit one odd bit. At first I did two moveRights along the top, and then a moveDown. This seemed to to move my character to the right hand side, but then got stuck trying to walk into the wall (I think). I realised you needed three moveRights to get across the screen, but the movement looked a bit odd at first.

I also found the 3 rights to get across the screen rather strange and it confused me at first as to why I was getting stuck on the corner before the enemies.

If there could be some sort of visual indicator that mean it looked like you needed three rights before going down then that would help alot.

I tried going around, then realized that I could just approach them directly and the spears don’t do enough damage to take me out. Would be cool if they did extra damage on this level so you have to make your way around.

@dwhittaker what gear did you have where the head-on approach worked?

Don’t remember, but I think I’d progressed through all available levels at the time. Nothing purchased from the store or anything.

Hmm, I can’t reproduce. Here’s me with the 120 health granted by equipping the basic awarded items, using the simple boots and the simple sword:

I die at the same time as I take down the first thrower. Do you have a different amount of health, or do you see different behavior?

Awe, I think that is the difference, I have the leather boots on:

Yep, with the simple boots I die, but the leather boots allow me to get there fast enough to take them both out.

Interesting, I must just barely make it with the leather boots and simple sword. When I upgraded to the Long Sword I killed them both, but died as I killed the second one. It must take longer between swings.

I’ve been through this level once using Python. I recently switched to Javascript as I felt that would be more useful to me right now and I also wanted to see how it differed from Python. I’m having trouble with the level now. As I move right 3 times at the top of the map and get to the third spot instead of my character moving down to get close to the two thrower enemies the level ends like it ran out of time. I have good enough gear to attack the enemies head on, but I just wanted help in getting this problem solved. It’s a bit bothersome. I have all the basic gear equipped that I had the first time through this level, so I’m not sure what might be causing the problem. I’ve tried exiting the level and coming back to it and I’ve also tried logging out of the game and logging back in to no avail.

I just realized, as I walk across the top of the map and pass along the vertical line that the gem at the bottom of the map sits on, my character picks it up.

So it seems that when I have the Ring of Speed equipped it causes something to mess up and I can’t complete the level as intended, but unequipping it sets everything straight and the level finishes as it should.

Wow, that’s so weird! I’ll have to check this one out a bit later, as I can’t figure out right yet why the Ring of Speed is making you pick up the gem. Crazy bug!

Having the same problem as @BIGsmacjrMAC, but I’m coding in Python and do not have the Ring of Speed.

Recording of issue: http://screencast.com/t/HJiMDLUlSHM

Also: is there somewhere else we should be posting level bug reports, or is this the best place?

Ah yeah, Omarn is faster by himself without needing a ring of speed, so it’s definitely a speed problem.

This is a good place for level bug reports, thanks!

I’m having an issue on this level.

It seems to be making one move left from where the first enemy died, instead of from where I stopped.

Here’s a gif of the level as it plays and my code (javascript):

Got it, thanks for the video + sample code.

Throwers only need to be attacked once, but by attacking twice you would advance towards the corpse, decide it’s dead, and then move left past our simple-movement snap point.

Try it again in a little bit after the server has time to update the cache, or play immediately on http://direct.codecombat.com/play/level/tactical-strike