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Cavern Survival & Kithgard Brawl


So it’s been a while since me or my son played code combat. Tonight, he reset all his progress and restarted and stormed through most of the Kithgard dungeon levels. However Cavern Survival & Kithgard brawl is not enabled for him and I don’t know why?

I have an inkling he might have to unlock certain items perhaps, for these levels to be unlocked? Or is this something that’s become only available to subscribers? (I’ve still got a free account and these levels are still unlocked for me?)


Try the direct links to the levels. I’m able to open the level and the ladder even without login


Thanks that’s good to know. At least he can play that way then XD I assume you don’t know what it is that makes it visible on the map etc?


I don’t know what it is that makes they visible on the map… Here Levels List w/ Links is a great topic about levels but not all ‘hidden’ are listed.